Caveman Lab ("the lab") creates Caveman Lab Membership Token (CLMT) to raise funds, increase awareness and participation, share achievements, and distribute profit. CLMT holders have the opportunities to have early access and perks to any products the lab creates.

Distribution Status

  • Mining

    (Loading...)/5,000,000,000 are distributed as mining rewards.

  • Fundraising

    74,628,712 are sold.

Token Sale

Thank you!
We have sold 74,628,712 tokens in an open sale in 2020. Currently there is no public offering for CLMT.
Please stay tuned!

The crowdfunding is currently at round (Loading...).
(Loading...)/50,000,000 are sold in the current round.
Current price is (Loading...) WAVES.

Meanwhile, you can still buy CLMT from other people on the WAVES Exchange.